Intraday Trading Course

“Course for Stocks & Commodity Market Traders”

 Day Trading Basics

  • What is Day Trading ?
  • Margin and Frequency of Trades in Day Trading
  • Technical Analysis & Day Trading.
  • Day Trading and Long Term Trading Advantages.
  • Time Slot in Day Trading.
  • Nature of Market & Day Trading in First Half & Second Half.
  • What is 2:30 Factor
  • What should a Day Trader do when Market Opens?
  • Intraday Technical Analysis.

 Types of Market in Day Trading

Strategies for Market Index Chart.
  • Strategies for a Rising Market & for its different formation.
  • Strategies for a Falling Market & for its different formation.
  • Strategies for a Flat Market & for its Different Formation

Strategies for Different Markets. (Market Phases)
  • Strategies for Momentum Phase.
  • Strategies for Market where only Index Performs.
  • How to take advantage of Morning Momentum.

How to Handle Market which shows Different Level Opening?
  • Strong Opening Market. (up & down)
  • Weak Opening Market. (up & down)
  • Flat Opening Market (up & down)

 Columns & Beams of Day Trading (Strategicall Aspects)

  • Stock Search in Day Trading.
  • Momentum Stock Search.
  • How to identify Performer?
  • Identify Best Sector for Day Trade.
  • Does good stock form similar pattern?
  • What is Pair Strategy?
  • Individual Stock & Group Trading Strategy.
  • Relation Between Intraday & EOD (Daily) Chart Formation.
  • Volume Confirmation & Volume Chart Structure.
  • Stop Loss Size in Day Trading.
  • Compare between Day Trade & Positional Trade Stop Loss.
  • Protecting Profit in Day Trading.
  • Define Target in Day Trading
  • Cost in Day Trading.
  • Hedging Strategy for Risk Averse Traders.
  • Portfolio Management in Day Trading.
  • Cash & Future Market (Advantage – Disadvantage).
  • How to do Day Trade when you can’t sit all day in Market.

 Use of Candlesticks in Day Trading.

  • Engulfing Bull
  • Engulfing Bear
  • Dark Cloud.
  • Piercing Line.
  • Absorbing Candles.
  • nverse-Absorbing Candles.
  • Stares Pattern Formation.
  • Bullish Hammer.
  • Bearish Hammer.
  • Doji Star Patterns.

 Intraday Stocks Pattern Formation. (Technical Chart)
 Intraday Stocks Pattern Formation. (Perception & Nature)

  • Blue Chip & Intraday Trade.
  • Spiky & Intraday Trade.
  • S.L.C. & Intraday Trade.
  • TT.L.C. & Intraday Trade.
  • P.C. & Intraday Trade.

 Gap Theory’s Support for Day Trade

  • Common Gap Indication.
  • Breakout Gap Strength and Precautions.
  • Runway Gap and maintaining TSL.

 Intraday Reversal Pattern

  • EG Reversal Pattern.
  • Volume (Accumulation & Distribution).
  • IAbsorbing & Anti-Absorption Reversal Indication.

 Different Circuit Band & Intraday Trade

  • Daily Price Bands of 2% (either way)
  • Daily Price Bands of 5% (either way)
  • Daily Price Bands of 10% (either way)
  • Trade for Trade Segment.
New Listing (IPO Listing) Intraday Trade Strategy How can Identify Bulk Deals

 Controlling Psychological & Emotional Pressure in Day Trade.
(Psychological Explanation of Day Trade & Market Psychology)

  • Human Weakness
  • Phases of Human Mind.
  • Crowd & Individual.
  • Fear & Success.
  • Turning Point Forecast.
  • Cyclical Aspects.

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