Technical Analysis Course

Course is for Stocks & Commodity Market Traders

 Technical Analysis & Financial Market Trade

  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • Definition, Assumption, Material of Study in Technical Analysis
  • Chart & Types of Charts
  • what is Trend, To ps & Bottom, Correction, Long, Short.
  • Importance of Price & Volume Chart
  • What is line chart, candlesticks chart and how chart formed ?
  • Trend Theory (Its Concept, Types & Use), Buy and Sell Signal
  • What is the Strength of Trend ?
  • What is Trend Reversal ?
  • How can be Use Trend for Buy (entry) or Sell (exit) in a Stock ?
  • What is Whiplash or False Alarm ?
  • Why Filter is Used in Technical Analysis ?
  • Channel Formation.
  • Practical Included.

 Support & Reversal Patterns

  • Support & Resistance (Concept & Definition)
  • Why Support & resistance are Formed ?
  • What is the Roll of Support & Resistance in Market Trading ?
  • Violation of Support – Resistance and Trading Signal (Buy-Sell ?
  • Reversal From Support Level and Resistance Level
  • Strength of Support & Resistance Level

 Reversal Patterns

  • Reversal Patterns (Its Definition & Pre-requisites)
  • What is simple Reversal Pattern?
  • What is Specific Reversal Patterns?
  • Entry Points: Buying & Selling Signals in Reversal Patterns.
  • Frequencies of Simple Vs. Specific Reversal Patterns.

 Continuation Patterns

  • Continuation Patterns (It’s Definition)
  • Importance of Continuation Pattern in Trading & Reliability.
  • Types of Continuation Patterns & Use (Triangle, Flag, Horizon.)
  • Buy and Sell Signals in Continuation Pattern.
  • Difference between continuation & Reversal Pattern?
  • Which is better Continuation or Reversal Pattern?

 Dow Theory & Technical Analysis

  • What is Dow Theory?
  • Use of Dow Theory in Technical Analysis or Stock Trading.
  • what is Primary or Main Trend of Stocks?
  • Types of Market as per Dow Theory ( Bull & Bear Markets)
  • Different Phases of Bull & Bear Markets.

 Moving Average & Technical Analysis

  • What is Moving Average? (Why its is uses in Trading?)
  • Different Types of Moving Averages?
  • How Simple Moving Average Constructed?
  • Use of Moving Average as Support Line and Resistance Line.
  • Identify Trend Reversal by using Moving Average.

 Oscillators ( or Momentum Indicators)

  • Overbought Zone & Oversold Zone in Oscillator Chart.
  • Interpretation of Overbought & Oversold Condition of Script.
  • Importance of Early Buy or Sell Signal in Oscillator Chart.

 Theory of Gaps

  • Use of Gap Theory in Technical Analysis
  • Gap as a Support & Resistance Level.
  • Types of Gaps (Common, Breakout, Runway, Exhaustion.)
  • Island Reversal Pattern of Gap Theory

 Bar Reversal Pattern

  • Up-ward Bar Reversal. (Simple & Perfect)
  • Down-ward Bar Reversal (Simple & Perfect)

 Candlesticks Theory

  • Engulfing: Bull & Bear.
  • Hammer: Bullish & Bearish.
  • Morning & Evening Star Patterns.
  • Morning Doji & Evening Doji Star Patterns.
  • Dark Cloud & Piercing Line Patterns.
  • Three White Soldiers & Three Black Crows.
  • Bullish Three Method Pattern Formation.
  • Bullish Harami & Bearish Harami Cross Patterns.

 Elliot Wave theory

  • Concept of Elliot Wave Theory.
  • Basic Rules of Elliot Wave Theory
  • Impulsive & Corrective Waves
  • What we can take and use from this Theory?

 Other Important Points for Tradersory

  • Psychology of Trader & Investors.
  • Applying Technical & Fundamental Analysis Together.
  • Volatile Market & Trade in Stocks & Commodities.
  • Trading Rules & Their Importance in Technical Analysis.
  • Demo of Trading for Beginners.
  • Importance of Trading Strategies in Trading.
  • Diversified Portfolio Management.
  • Test of Decision Making while choosing a Stock-Commodity.


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